Transaction Coordination

"The secret to success is the constancy of purpose." -Benjamin Disraeli

Partnering with Rebecca Kenyon & TCServiceOnline.Com to handle all the details of your transaction whether you are representing the seller, buyer or both, Rebecca Kenyon and her team of real estate assistants and transaction coordinators are here to give you and your clients the services you need as well as expect. Able to perform in all different seller and buyer scenarios.

We will exceed your expectations as well as your clients:
Handling all the details of your real estate transaction to ensure a successful closing. Offering the following and much more:

  • Handling all closing documents, securely.
  • Take care of all the communication involved in the transaction such as phone calls, emails, scheduling appointments and any other details during the transaction.
  • Keep everyone informed of all the details.

Giving you peace of mind that every step of the transaction is completed on time and professionally.

Below is a sample of what your customized action plan may contain as part of the closing process:

  • Verify all documents are properly executed by all parties.
  • Ensure escrow has been opened and all parties have received the appropriate documents.
  • Follow up on approvals.
  • Confirm and verify appraisal has been ordered.
  • Ensure all disclosures are completed.
  • Schedule and follow up on inspections, walk-through’s, closings, and any other appointments.
  • Monitor compliance with contract terms and deadlines.
  • Coordinate tasks with co-op agent and title company.
  • Upload and disseminate all documents, reports, and disclosures; provide follow-up.

How is everything maintained?

98% of our documents are electronically signed through an electronic signature program making the process simple to complete for you and your client. We organize all documents, appointments, tasks and scheduling through our online password protected program creating a storage history of each transaction.

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